Summer 2 Week 5

This week we have been busy coaching each other in learning how to skip. Take a look at the pictures below!

As part of our work on Where the Wild Things Are, we have learned a ‘Wild Thing’ brain break. We LOVE it!

We used the Chatterkids app to make our Wild Things speak. Keep checking youtube to see yours!

We particularly enjoyed playing Wild Thing feeling splat! We thought about how the Wild Things must have felt during the wild rumpus.

We all had a wonderful time at the summer fair where we raised lots of money towards our new playground equipment! Thanks to all who organised and supported us. We all looked amazing in our superhero costumes.

Summer 2 Week 4

In RE we have been learning about neighbours.

We read a psalm about our neighbours and interpreted it with some art work.

In Science, we learned about plants which we can eat. We planted spinach, basil and parsley. We hope they will grow well!

It has already begun to grow…

In literacy, we enjoyed a Where the Wild Things Are reader’s theatre. We each read a different part in our groups.




Summer 2 Week 3

This week we made bug hotels in science. We thought carefully about what would make our bugs feel comfortable. After searching for suitable materials in the school grounds, we set to work. We already have some inhabitants!

We worked collaboratively to make Where the Wild Things Are text maps. We used symbols to help us to remember the story. We enjoyed retelling the stories.

We also made Wild Things in class. We each drew the Wild Thing’s head and then swapped for someone else to draw the body. We swapped again for the legs. We enjoyed labelling with descriptive vocabulary. We think they look ‘WILD’!

In maths we have explored the concept of turning. We spotted the ‘odd one out’ and used our reasoning skills to explore ‘correct or not correct’.

As well as attending mass for St Peter and St Paul’s day, we have been listening to and thinking about the story of Zacchaeus, the tax collector. We realised that Zacchaeus was a wonderful example of someone being sorry. This links in with our current RE topic. We made Zacchaeus story telling art work.

In Art with Mrs Norman, we have been making Jellyfish inspired by the Michael Rosen poem which we studied last half term. We think they look wonderful!

Follow the link to see the poem and a video recording of Michael Rosen performing it.


Summer 2, Week 2

We have been creating freeze frames of our current book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak.

Taking advantage of the sunshine, we also acted out the story outside. Year 1 became Max and also the Wild Things.

In maths we began the week by exploring and consolidating our knowledge of 2d shape. We played ‘sticks’ and ‘roll my dice’.

It was sports day, too. Take a look at our photos below. The children showed fantastic sportsmanship and team spirit. Thanks also to our lovely Mums, Dads and Aunties who joined in our running race and obstacle course.

We had an assembly by Craig McCann, a paralympian. Keep checking back for some photos of the sponsored event which he ran with us earlier today. See his twitter feed @CMcCannGB

Summer 2 Week 1

We are ready for our new text! Our ‘Role on the Wall’ has been prepared for us to share all of our ideas…

After looking at the forest scenes in the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ we made our own forest scene collages.

Image result for where the wild things are forest

Related image

Here are our forest scenes inspired by the illustrations in ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. We are looking forward to describing them.

Summer 1 Week 5

This week we took part in a Pentecost Assembly. Key Stage 1 dressed up for the occasion – as presents or gifts of the Holy Spirit. Everyone looked wonderful.

Year 1 learned a special Pentecost song. ‘All over the World, the Spirit is Moving.’ They sang beautifully.

Take a look at our pictures below.

We also wrote Pentecost tweets to help us to share the Good News which the Holy Spirit brought.

In other news, our cress people have started to grow!

We were lucky to have a visit from Captain Dantastic who came to talk to us about the Bury’d treasure campaign which will run in and around Bury over the summer.

Thanks, Miss Wheeler, for capturing some fab photos.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to our treat afternoon, and a visit from Commando Joe and Bowland Farm in the morning. Keep checking back to see some photos.

Updated…Bowland Farm, Commando Joe and treat day pictures. We had gorgeous weather!

Look at the changes which took place in our bean seeds.

Summer 1 Week 4

We had a lovely time at Pets at Home, Bury, on Monday this week. Even though it rained on our walk there, it didn’t spoil the trip for us. We all had really sensible waterproof coats on! We found out how to look after different types of pets and were even able to stroke the guinea pigs and rabbits. One of the rabbits was especially fluffy! A big thankyou to the parents who accompanied us on the trip, to our school kitchens for providing our sandwiches so that we could have an early lunch and, finally, thankyou to the staff at Pets at Home for making us feel so welcome.

Take a look below at some pictures from the day.

In other news, we have been designing new ‘Beasts’ based on Chris Judge’s ‘The Lonely Beast’. After designing our Beasts, we wrote in role to the Beast’s City Mayor. We told the Mayor that we could be friends with the Beast. We recieved a reply the next day, which inspired us to write our new Beast stories. The text maps the children created to help them were very detailed.

A letter from the Beast’s Mayor…

Our class text map… (based on the real story)

A new version… (Based on our new Beasts)

Once again, we received some tweets from him saying how impressed he was with our work and ideas. How exciting!

Maths has been all about generating our own calculations this week. Some had to be within 20p, and had to have an even number of pennies. Some had to be exactly 16p. Some had to be any number between 14p and 21p. We worked very systematically to find possibilities.

Looking at seeds and plants in Science has been very interesting. This week our task was to plant cress seeds to see how well they grow in cotton wool, rather than soil.

Here are our bean seeds which we planted in a bag last week. Take a look to see what has happened.

In RE we have been learning our Pentecost song. Look back next week to find out how our performance went.

Summer Term 1 Week 3

This week, we have been TV hosts and beasts, generating, asking and answering questions in role. We tried hard to use lots of exciting vocabulary.

In maths we have been delving deeper into our knowledge of calculations within 20, using tens frames to help us to answer.

In Science, we have been planting in different ways. This time, we chose not to use soil or compost to plant our bean seeds. We used a bag, paper towel and water. Keep checking back to see whether they will grow…

We have been busy sequencing the Pentecost story in preparation for our Pentecost Party.

We thought carefully about how the disciples would have felt and what they would have said.

We have a visit to Pets at Home next week. Take a look at our blog to see some pictures.

Summer Term – Weeks 1 and 2

Our new topic is ‘All Creatures Great and Small.’ Year 1 have been so eager to find out more!

The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge is our text for this half term.

Image result for the lonely beast class

We freeze framed part of the book.

We drew friends for the Beast!

We took part in reader’s theatre.

Look at our class text map which helps us tell the story from memory!

Then we made our own.

In the underwater scene in the book, the Beast meets a jellyfish. This inspired some poetry after we had moved like and watched jellyfish on the whiteboard.

Here we are moving like jellyfish. We listened to underwater inspired music from the Carnival of the Animals.

Here is our class poem.

We were so excited to have received some tweets from Chris Judge, the author, for the wonderful work we have done so far…

In maths, we have been adding and subtracting within 20, but without crossing any 10s barriers.

In science, we have been investigating seed dispersal.

We are busy preparing for a Pentecost Party in RE. Watch this space!!


Easter 2017

In the run up to Easter we took part in many activities.

Take a look below to see what we have been up to.

Our seeds of change which we planted earlier in the term began to grow.

We made a stunning Easter Garden. We really hoped it would grow in time for Easter and it did!

We re-ordered and sequenced the Easter story.

We enjoyed acting the Easter story out, too.

Commando Joe brought the inflatable for our treat. We loved climbing over the obstacles.

Stations of the Cross was a very special experience where each station allowed us to pray in an active way. Some of our past pupils even came back to help us.

It was international story telling week too. We really loved learning about the Monkey and the Parrot – a traditional story from the Philippines.

Our Key Stage 1 Easter service was enjoyed by all. All of the staff were very proud indeed.

We finished the term with making Easter nests out of chocolate and shredded wheat. Yummy!