Returning to our Quest…

After a fantastic Impact Week in Class 3 last week, this week we returned to our Quest topic and the work of Aaron Becker. In our literacy lessons, we looked at his final instalment of the Journey Trilogy entitled ‘Return.’ We shared the story together and analysed it using some Reader Vipers style questions before completing our own book reviews about the story. It is definitely one that we would all recommend!

We were very lucky this week in our RE lesson to have Father Francis come in to school and talk about Baptism with us. He showed us all of the things that he uses to perform a Baptism and also showed us what he does during a ceremony.

We watched our friends in Class 5 in their first assembly of this year and we really enjoyed it! They were brilliant and they helped to remind us all about the things we were learning about the ‘Day of the Dead’ last week. Well done Class 5!

We loved our Wednesday art lesson with Mrs Norman this week which had a bonfire night theme. We made some very colourful firework pictures which we are hoping can help to brighten up our classroom!

Finally this week, we spend Friday learning all about Remembrance Day. Each group made a wreath of poppies using their handprints to go on display along with an acrostic poem with beautiful words and phrases reminding us of why we commemorate this day each year.

Check back in with us soon,

Miss Chadwick and Mrs Hindle 🙂



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Celebrating ‘El dia de los muertos’…

What a fantastic start to this half term we have had in Class 3! We have really enjoyed learning all about the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico which honours all those loved ones who have died. It has been a brilliant theme for our Impact Week and we have explored the theme across all areas of the curriculum.

We started the week exploring a CGI animation all about the Day of the Dead which we analysed using Reading VIPERS questions. We continued to use the animation as a stimulus throughout the week and each wrote a diary entry as the main character.

We found out all about the significant role of skulls and skeletons in the Day of the Dead celebration and so we each designed our own calavera mask to wear for celebrations later in the week.

In RE we also learned about how we have similar celebrations as Catholics in the United Kingdom. We celebrated All Saint’s Day on Wednesday with a beautiful whole school mass and we thought about all our loved ones who have died on All Soul’s Day by saying an eternal rest together.

In maths, we have used Day of the Dead themed resources to help support us in making the number 8 in different ways and writing calculations to support this. Some of us even found all the possible addition calculations!

We ended our impact week with a fantastic Day of the Dead party day. Mrs Oliver led a wonderful Mexican workshop where we dressed up and practiced some Mexican dance moves!

In the afternoon, we got the chance to finish off and wear our calavera masks, listen to some Mexican music and try some Mexican food. Some of us are definitely fans of guacamole!

After such a crazy week, we wonder what the next one will have in store for us.

Miss Chadwick and Mrs Hindle 🙂

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Preparing for Harvest

We have been spending lots of time this week preparing for our Harvest Celebration next Wednesday. We have been making some 5-a-day vegetable artwork in groups and have each made our own vegetable headdress to wear for our performance. We have also been rehearsing our harvest rap which is completely new to us but we are improving more and more with each practice!

In other areas, we have been continuing our work on bonds to 7 in maths and we even used money to help us write calculations. We are getting much more confident with this and use actions to help us remember which mathematical signs to use.

We have had lots of science related activities this week. On Wednesday, we had an interesting session in the life caravan learning all about our bodies and how to keep them healthy. We found out about the different parts of our bodies and the special jobs they do and about the different types of food we eat and how they provide our bodies with different things such as energy and nutrients. However, our favourite part of the session was meeting Harold the giraffe and hearing all about how we can be good friends.

We continued our work in science by focusing on our different senses. We carried out investigations to find out about the different ways that we can sort fruits and vegetables using our senses and eat group set us their own market stall to show how they had sorted the different items.

Finally, we followed up on the healthy eating theme by spending the afternoon designing and making our own healthy sandwiches from a variety of ingredients. We made sure that each of our sandwiches contained some protein and at least two salad items for it to be a truly healthy sandwich!

 Catch up with us next week to find out all about our Harvest Celebration!

 Miss Chadwick and Mrs Hindle 🙂

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No Pens Allowed!

We have had a very practical week this week in Class 3!

We have had a big focus on maths where we have been working on our bonds to 6 and 7. We have been using lots of resources to help us show this in different ways and we have been recording calculations both on whiteboards and in our books. We have also been exploring reasoning in our groups, discussing whether answers are ‘correct or not correct’ and explaining why.

No Pens Wednesday was a big hit in Class 3 with us using the IPads to record our predictions for what might happen in our next instalment in the Journey Trilogy entitled ‘The Quest.’ We used an app called Tellagami to make our own animated characters say our predictions using our voices. Make sure to keep an eye out for them being uploaded to our school Youtube channel.  We also had a fun pen-free practical maths afternoon where we used actions to record our calculations for our bonds to 7.

Our RE focus this week was on signs and symbols around us and what they mean to us. We had some lovely explanations about how the sign of the cross reminds us how Jesus died for us.

On Friday, we celebrated Harvest Fast Day by brightening up and coming in to school dressed in beautifully bright colours. We also brought in lots of tins, bottles and other donations for our ‘Cans for Caritas’ collection.

Finally, we ended our week with a fantastic DT lesson in which we all played a part in making our own bread rolls. Product testing was our favourite part of the lesson and our bread rolls were a hit all round. We are now ready to move on to design and make our own healthy sandwiches to take on our quest before the end of half term!

Check back in with us soon.

Miss Chadwick and Mrs Hindle 🙂

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Our quest to Eureka!

What a week in Class 3!

We have continued our work on describing the character’s feelings in the ‘Journey’ picture book in our literacy lessons, but focusing this time on different parts of the story. Some of our descriptions were truly magical!

In maths, we have been moving on to looking at the different ways that we can make the number 6. We’re looking forward to lots more practical activities on this next week.

The highlight of our week was definitely our Key Stage One trip to Eureka Science Museum. It was our first trip of the year and we absolutely loved it. We spent so much time exploring the different galleries of the museum and even ate our lunch on a train!

The best part of the day was the Gross Lab workshop in which we learned all about the natural (but slightly disgusting) things our body produces. We can now officially call ourselves ‘Gross-Oologists’!

Later in the week in RE, we reflected on our ‘New Beginnings’ topic in group discussions and each produced a picture in response to the creation story that we have been learning about. We also made some actions to accompany a psalm that we read together to thank God for our beautiful world.

We have been continuing our dance work in PE and our movement and posture is improving in leaps and bounds. We have been listening to the music more carefully and our moves are really developing.

We ended the week with a fantastic making session in DT in which we all helped to make some delicious butter for our quest sandwiches.

Catch up with us again next week!

Miss Chadwick and Mrs Hindle 🙂

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The ‘Journey’ continues…

It has been another jam-packed week for us in Class 3 this past week.

We have been really getting stuck in to the ‘Journey’ picture book by Aaron Becker and have done lots of work discussing and writing about the main character’s feelings. We have also been using our imagination to predict what might await the character in the story and thinking about our favourite part of the story.

We have been continuing our work on numbers which add to make 5 in our maths lessons this week, working both practically and writing some written calculations in our maths books!

In science, we carried out our experiment to find out if taller children really do need bigger shoes and we found out that in our class they did! We also did some product testing in our DT lesson, carrying out some research in to our favourite sandwich ingredients and where they come from.

We have been looking at the creation story in our RE lessons and we have worked together to write our own version of a psalm which is going to go up on display in our classroom because our words were just so wonderful!

Finally, we ended our week with our first ever dance lesson in PE. Earlier in the week we practiced getting used to the space in the hall and moving around the room but in our second lesson the music was on and we started practising our routine linking to ‘Animals.’

We have so many wonderful things planned for next week, so make sure to check back in with us soon!

Miss Chadwick and Mrs Hindle 🙂

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Let’s begin our Quest!

Class 3 have been doing some fantastic work this week! We have dived in to our ‘Quest’ topic by looking at Aaron Becker’s ‘Journey’ picture book. We have been predicting events, asking questions AND using adjectives! And that’s all from just looking at the front cover!

The children have written some great descriptive sentences which are ready to go up on display. Now we can’t wait to get our teeth in to the story!

We have been loving our brain breaks this week. They are helping us to feel much more refreshed and ready to work!

It’s a good job as well, as we’ve been working hard finding all the different pairs of numbers we can add together to make five. Some of us even managed to write our own calculations!

In RE we have been discussing our topic ‘New Beginnings’ and have been thinking about new things in our lives and how they make us feel. The children shared some lovely ideas about new introductions to their families and how happy this has made them.

We ended the week with a taste-testing session to find out which type of bread would be the best to make a sandwich for our quest. I wonder what will come out on top when we look at our results?

Stay tuned to find out more!

Miss Chadwick and Mrs Hindle 🙂

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Our First Week in Year 1!

It has been such a busy first week in Class 3 and we are so proud of each and every one of you for all of your hard work!

Our theme this week has been ‘Welcome’, as we are all starting off a brand new year in school, in a brand new classroom. In our literacy lessons, we shared the story ‘This is Our House’ by Michael Rosen and used this to inspire our own version entitled ‘This is Our Class’. The children suggested some thoughtful ideas about ways that we make each other feel welcome in our classroom.

We have also produced some wonderful creative work in our RE lessons. We looked at our school mission statement and each created a shield to remind us that we are all guardians of our school.

We loved using our senses to explore God’s world on our creation walk and we realised just how special our world is! Our exploration inspired us to design our own bird which which be displayed in our creation archway in our classroom and will help to guide us through this coming year as we all fly high!

Stay tuned for more exciting goings on in Class 3.

Miss Chadwick and Mrs Hindle 🙂

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Welcome Class 3 2017-2018

Hello everyone and welcome to Class 3’s Blog Page.  Here you will see Class 3’s journey in pictures and videos.

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